About Us

Essex Auto Keys are a vehicle key replacement and recovery company that offer an effective and efficient services to the people of Essex solving any key and security issues with their vehicles. We are happy to say that we have a great reputation for our excellent work and are a NNAL (National Network of Approved Locksmiths). We can guarantee that we will be cheaper than any main dealers around and we take it upon ourselves to only use genuine parts unlike some other companies.

We carry out repairs, upgrades and EPC (Engine Control Unit) diagnostics as well as being able to get you back into your vehicle, duplicating keys and replacing broken ones. Our services eliminate the need for costly lock replacements so having a damaged lock or losing keys is not always as expensive as you think. Essex Autokeys use the latest technology as well as our specialist tools to ensure that there will be no damage to your car.

The security of our cars has really changed over the years and we are happy to say that it has improved significantly, but this means that it is more expensive to replace your locks and keys especially with your main dealer. The advantage to having a higher level of security is that the chances of having your vehicle stolen or broken into are very slim. Unfortunately this does happen so the need for our services are still required.

Why Choose Essex Auto Keys

  • Quality car keys at trade cost
  • Trained Diagnostic Specialists
  • Guaranteed Quality Workmanship
  • Available 7 days a week

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